Saturday, 20 June 2015

A Garden Scavenger Hunt

It is winter here now, but we are lucky to have the most wonderful days among those wintery ones. When the sun comes out, I like to get out.  My children are 'outside' children and grumpiness, more often than not, disappears as they exit the house, into the garden.

Apart from normal play, we sometimes do organised activities.

Today we completed a Garden Scavenger Hunt.

We each chose a numbered page (yes, Adam included) and then an object page.

The aim of the 'adventure' was to find the number of objects as was displayed on the chosen numbered page.  So for example, Megan chose page number 7 and her object was twigs, so she needed to find seven twigs.

We then pasted the objects to the page and then proceeded to take another numbered page and object.

As you can see the pages are A5 but I included an A4 page for 9 and 10 as the smaller page will probably get a bit crowded with objects.

If you would like a version of this Garden Scavenger Hunt, grab it here or by clicking on the picture below.

I have a whole pack dedicated to being In the Garden!  It is aimed at Pre-K / K and focuses on Literacy and Numeracy.  Should you be interested, you can view it here.  (Or by clicking on the image.)

I would love to know what your children thought of this activity, so please come back to let me know.

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