Sunday, 21 June 2015

'In the Garden' Theme

I love being in the garden and designed a theme pack for Pre-K/K using the garden as my inspiration.  The aim of this pack is to prepare a student for Kindergarten and can also be used to reinforce work covered in Kindergarten.

Many of the activities can also be adjusted as your child/students becomes more able.  Here is what I did with my daughter:

We copied patterns and then made our own.

We used a white board marker to practise fine motor and writing skills and then discussed the connection between the two objects that we connected.

We did basic sums using soda can 'tabs' as counters.  Add the leaves together and search for the flower.

We sorted 'flower pot' pictures according to their initial sounds.

We built number puzzles.  Even though my daughter is not familiar with reading number words yet, she is slowly starting to recognize them.

More practice with initial sound by spinning the flower spinner and then graphing the sound which the picture started with.

We had such fun comparing the groups of leaves to determine which pile the caterpillar should munch!  Yum Yum!

The answers were recorded on a worksheet.  Younger children may not have the ability to write yet, but can still count the leaves and determine which pile is bigger.

We are still very early in the sight word stage in my home.  This activity entails recognizing the words among others that are similar and then collecting the desired circles to create the picture.  

Another sight word activity included, is the 'kite' activity.  Initially, I hung the kite in the tree next to my daughter but quickly realized that her fluency is not advanced enough to recall from distance.  I then moved the kite next to her, but when we do the activity again, she will hopefully be more familiar with the words and I would be able to hang the kite.

Other activities in the pack include ordering and listening activities.  You can find the pack in my Teacher Pay Teachers Store by clicking on the image below:

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