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A Week of Wordy Wisdom - Week 1

Welcome to my first (of many) weekly posts focusing on A Week of Wordy Wisdom.

Words are all around us and life revolves being able to communicate.  The importance of reading is stressed as an important form of communication but often children are not exposed to different texts and 'fun' reading so they are despondent.

This weekly post is supposed to give teachers an option of how to encourage students on a daily basis to get excited about words.

Give it a try by downloading Week 8 for FREE. ( Weeks do not follow on from one another so can be used in any order.)

Motivational Monday gives students something to apply to their daily living.  How they deal with situations, interact with others, apply themselves and so on.  Read the quote or phrase to students and encourage interaction.

This week's quote is by Mahatma Gandhi.

  • Ask students if they know who he is and what makes him important and a name to know.
  • Let students give examples of how the words can be applied in their lives.
  • Kidsfront has a biography on Mahatma Gandhi should you need to brush up on your knowledge of him before approaching your students.
  • Kids Britannica also have a lovely picture of him that you can show your students.

Proverb for Tuesday gives students an opportunity to be exposed to proverbs which aid in making language more figurative and colorful.

  • Ask students what they think the Proverb means and if the words are literal (they mean exactly what they say).
  • Allow students to identify ways to use the proverb in every-day language.
  • Students may want to illustrate the Proverb.
  • Below is a video which animates the whole Proverb which your students would enjoy watching.

Word for Wednesday is aimed at reinforcing words that may be known but need more assistance.

There are three words included, one for Kindergarten (and) , 1st grade (away) and 2nd grade (drawer).

The Kindergarten word forms part of their Sight Word lists, The first grade words are to practice less frequent words and the Second grade words may be introducing new spelling words or challenging words.

Download a worksheet for each of the words by clicking on the desired worksheet.

If you are using the 'and' worksheet, you may be interested in "My Little and Book" for additional reinforcement(It';s FREE) .  View it here.

This fun-fact will keep students on their toes.  My students always loved entering my class to discover a new fun-fact.  It is something that will keep them enthusiastic about reading.  Children like to share facts that someone else might not know.  Have some fun fact books on hand for students who want to learn more.

I love this facts book by Dr Roger Lederer, "Amazing Birds: A Treasury of Facts and Trivia about the Avian world."

Ending the week with a joke, is a light way to end off.  Ask students to identify what makes the joke funny, introducing play with words such as puns.

You can purchase Week 1 of A Week of Wordy Wisdom here.

I would love to hear how your children took to this Week of Wordy Wisdom.

A Week of Wordy Wisdom Bundle 1 has just been uploaded.  The first 7 weeks a t a reduced price.  Grab it here.

You might also be interested in the FREE week 8 which you can get HERE.

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  1. This is a great idea for kids to learn new concept each week. I would love to implement this in my school too.
    Thank you so much.


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