Saturday, 11 July 2015

A Week of Wordy Wisdom - Week 2

Are you ready for Week 2 of A Week of Wordy Wisdom?

Today we have a quote by the beloved Winnie the Pooh!  I just love his soft, kind-hearted nature!

Give your students the opportunity to think about what makes them different from each other and their family.

Children are also always up for crafts.  I love these little Winnie the Pooh character boxes.  You can download printable templates here or by clicking on the image if you would like to attempt them with your students.

For something slightly less complicated, why not try a paper plate craft.  Click on the images to get to the directions.

The meaning for this proverb is that you can 't have something if it has been 'eaten' so think about what is it you want:  Do you want the cake?  or Do you want to eat it?  and whatever the decision is, be happy with it.

This Proverb could be introduced by bringing each child a small slice of cake.  They need to make the decision, are they going to have it or are they going to eat it.  Let students discuss with each other why they made the decision that they did and are they happy with it.

Grab your free word searches below which correspond with the word of the day for each grade level by clicking on the desired image.

If you teach Kindergarten, you may be interested in "My Little can Book" which reinforces the sight word 'can'.

"You can't sneeze with your eyes open"

I bet your children are going to try this :)  They are going to love sharing this piece of information with others,

Have you ever tried sneezing with your eyes open?  (Come on, no one will judge.)

Funny-Stuff Friday ends the week with a light-hearted joke.  Let children give reasons why the wording was chosen and what made the joke funny,

If you think that your students will enjoy "A Week of Wordy Wisdom", you can purchase it here. (Don't forget to check out Week 1).

Be sure to return next week to see what the new set is all about.

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