Saturday, 18 July 2015

A Week of Wordy Wisdom - Week 3

Week 3 of A Week of Wordy Wisdom has been posted.

Motivation Monday comes from Dr Seuss.  It is a message that I have been trying to instill in Megan from when she was really little.  Children (and adults) are often so overcome with disappointment when a favored activity comes to an end, that they forget to appreciate that they had the experience.

Allow students to share in a group of an activity that came to an end and resulted in disappointment or sadness.  Let them reflect on whether they remember the fun they had or the sadness that followed.

A cat has nine lives!  Well, if you have owned a cat then you will probably view this proverb as being true.  Cats often escape danger unharmed or with minimal injury (my cat certainly did).

Here is a fun little video and song about how "The Cat Came Back."  It is not solely based on the proverb but shows how cats are able to wangle their ways out of situations (even if far-fetched).  It also has a nice little message at the end.  Throughout the song, no one wants the cat but at the end, the cat is taken in by a little girl who loves and admires it.

I have also included this comic for you (and probably not your students) because it made me smile :)

After thinking about this for a while, I have decided to add words appropriate for grade 3 - 5.  Older students will enjoy the information and activities just as much as the younger students and it is appropriate to them too.

Here are three free word searches for teachers using the K-2 words.  Click on the image to download the desired file.

Seeing that older students may not benefit from these little word searches as much as the younger students, I found this lovely spelling website that can be used to reinforce words.

Spelling City has an option where you can add your spelling list and then it asks you to spell the words by typing them in.  This is great for students to practise their spelling words.  The site also has other free games and activities that can be used to reinforce spelling and vocabulary without joining the premium membership.

Many students may not have come into contact with a Hippopotamus and might not know much about them.  I have included a few items which could help give students a better background on Hippos.
Here is a lovely informative video explaining what Hippos are.  It is perfect for younger students.

This is a sound clip of what a Hippopotamus sounds like.  It is not a video (the image is stationery).

This video shows a Hippo's speed under water.  You may need to watch it first and determine if it is appropriate for your students to watch.  Younger students may be frightened.  The video also explains how Hippos are the most dangerous and unpredictable mammal in Africa - I would not be too happy if I was on that boat!

Hippos are fascinating, don't you think?

A good old "Knock Knock" joke to get your students giggling.

If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  Click on the image below for a direct link to the product.

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