Monday, 27 July 2015

A Week of Wordy Wisdom - Week 4

I really enjoyed this creating week of A Week of Wordy Wisdom, plus I learnt something new in the Think-about-it Thursday fun fact.

The quote for this week : "Be silly. Be honest.  Be Kind." rings true to my heart.  These are three qualities that can get you far in life and add to a good quality of life.  I read the "Be Silly" part as to enjoy life.  Take time to laugh, make jokes and have fun.  Not to take yourself too seriously.

To teach a child to be honest is a difficult thing.  Children will avoid a difficult situation by telling a 'fib' and this is a natural reaction.  It shows that they child is able to reason and think up a solution to the problem - even if the solution is the wrong option by telling a fib.  Honesty is a wonderful characteristic where children learn to build relationships based on trust.

And my favorite part is "Be kind."  To be kind shows empathy.  Kindness takes many forms whether it be in material support, emotional support or verbal support.  The phrase "Treat others the way you would want to be treated" is exactly what this part of the quote is saying.

This 3 minute video shows a number of Acts of Kindness caught on camera.  Some of the photos might need to be explained to children who can't read, but there are many that are self explanatory.

"Don't look the gift horse in the mouth," is a proverb encouraging gratefulness.  Students should be grateful for something that they are given.

Here is an animated video to show students to demonstrate the Proverb and it givens an example.  You may bee to read the text to younger students or you could let them watch it and then explain how the proverb applies to it.

Last week I suggested a useful website for spelling tests and vocab exercises.  Check it out here.  The webside I have chosen this week for spelling is Besides the large variety of activities that they offer, there is a game dedicated to spelling and that is SpellaRoo,  In this game, the student is given a sentence with two underlined words.  The student then needs to identify which one is spelled incorrectly.

Don't forget to grab your free word searches to accompany the K - 2 words by clicking on the image below.

I knew that everyone has their own unique finger print, but did you know our tongue prints are also unique?

I love this forensic detective investigation that students can do.  You might have to word through it with younger students who are not very fluent readers yet.  Students need to solve the mystery by using the finger print found at the scene.  (Below is the note left by the cat - napper.)

They will work through the process the way forensic detectives would and learn about finger prints as they go along.  I found this lovely activity at Wonderville.

The week ends off with a number joke.  I bet you will hear the joke over and over again :)

You can get Week 4 of A Week of Wordy Wisdom by visiting my store or clicking on the image below.  Don't forget to check out the prior weeks as well.

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  1. I love that proverb video! I'm working on language arts brain teaser task cards where I give my kids an idiom and then they need to explain its figurative meaning and create a short story for how that idiom came to be! That would be a fun video to show them :)



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