Saturday, 1 August 2015

A Week of Wordy Wisdom - Week 5

We are in Week 5 of  A Week of Wordy Wisdom!  Such a fun, informative addition to your daily routine.  If you haven't seen the other weeks, A Week of Wordy Wisdom introduces a new 'wordy wisdom' each day of the week.  Each week follows the same sequence but the information offered varies.  The run down of the week is as follows:

 Oscar Wilde is the person behind the "Motivational Monday" quote this week.  He was a writer of poems, play writes and children's stories during the 1880's and 1890's.  Some of his more famous children's stories include The Remarkable Rocket, The Selfish Giant and The Happy Prince.

Storynory has audio versions of these stories which can be downloaded onto your computer (eliminating some technical issues when you want to play it to your students).  These stories carry strong moral undertpnes and students enjoy the story line.  They would make for good listening activities or for enjoyment.

Lol, I love this little video demonstrating "Better Late than Never" - for "Proverb for Tuesday".  Students can have fun figuring out how it applies to the proverb.

You can download the FREE word searches to accompany the K - 2 "Word for Wednesday" by clicking on the image below.  The word for Kindergarten comes from the Dolch Pre-Primer list.  It will help to reinforce the spelling and familiarity of the word.  It can be used on it's own or would fit perfectly into my "My Little Sight Word Books."

For spelling practice, clueless crossword puzzles are such fun!  As a child I used to look for them in magazines to try to complete.  They build vocabulary, spelling and word recognition.  Here is an online version for older students to try.

I love this video displaying how 'noisy' whales can be. Below the video, you will see a QR code.   The QR code links up to the video, so you can print it and place it next to the "Think About it Thursday" fact for students to scan with their devices and listen to individually.

This week's joke stems from the "Think About It Thursday" fact and video.

Should you be interested in this product, click on the image below and be sure to check out the previous weeks as well.

Grab a FREE trial week HERE.

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