Friday, 14 August 2015

Adam's Worm Party Invitation

I can't believe that Adam is two!  Where has the time gone? 

As it is his birthday coming up, I needed to choose a party theme.  For me, this is a challenge, as I like to choose something that is out of the ordinary and then let my creative juices (what's left of them) flow into creating a fairly unique party.

I decided to steer clear of themes such as Barney and Telly Tubbies (although, I have to admit, this was Megan's theme for her second birthday) and after many thoughts, settled on a WORM party - he is a boy afterall.

I have completed and sent off the very cute (if I have to say to myself) invites and thought to share them with you in case you choose to follow in my foot steps and throw a WORM party.

I created the template and printed it on green card (grab the template by clicking here or on the above image).  They information circles I printed on 'label paper'  (one that has a sticky side to it.  This is not a necessity, but it made my life easier because I didn't have to use glue, I could just peal and stick.

I then used small green brads to connect each green circle so that initially the circles are behind one another, but can then be folded out.  I would recommend first sticking the information circles onto the green circles and then joining with brads.  Some of my information circles did not fit on the green circle once the brad was in, because I did not leave enough space.

The Worm invite template is fully editable so you can just type your information over mine.

For each worm face, I used Glitter Glue to draw glasses - which took painstakingly long to dry - added 'googly eyes' and drew on a mouth.  The nose is made of a piece of red felt with a piece of double sided tape behind it to lift it from the face (ever so slightly).

I also added a pair of antennae by attaching a folded piece of black pipe cleaner to the back of the head with some tape.

I really enjoyed making these and delivering them out to friends and family.  So often invites are emailed now days (myself included).  It does take the excitement and personal touch out of it.

If you have enjoyed reading about my WORM party preparations, be sure to return to catch the rest of the planning.

I would also love for you to add your ideas for my Worm themed party below in the comments - I still have a long way to go.

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