Thursday, 20 August 2015

Chocolate Cheesecake Yumminess

So it is just over a week before Adam's birthday party and I decided to get myself organized and start baking.

This morning, while Adam was sleeping and Megan at school, I decided to bake a cheesecake that would form part of the eats for the adults - although, I know Megan will probably be first in the line for a slice.

Fortunately it is rather rich so small slices can be cut and therefore I only need one.

A few weeks ago I found this delicious Chocolate Cheesecake here, and watched the video tutorial to get an idea of how to make it.  It seemed pretty straight forward so I decided to bake one for a group of friends as a trial run.  OH MY!!!!  It was so delicious, I now look for any excuse to bake one!!

I adapted the recipe ever so slightly to accommodate South African ingredients and used metric measurements.  The ingredients are not 'odd' so no matter where you are, you will find something similar.  You can download it here.

It looks all detailed and long and difficult but its really not.  I managed to get mine in the oven in 25 minutes and cleaned my kitchen in the 50 minutes it took to bake.  Plus I had an opportunity to drink a hot cup of coffee before Adam woke up.

I still need to add the ganache and then will freeze it for the party, which I will have to do quickly before I decide to sample it with my next cup of tea :)

I'll add a photo once it is done!

One thing down!  A whole list still to go :)

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