Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Sorting, Ordering and Counting Nespresso Pods

My husband recently came home with a Nespresso machine.  I am not was not a huge coffee drinker and always opted for a cup of tea.  My view was always that the tea that I drink is far healthier as it is caffeine free and I don't drink any sugar with it, unlike with coffee which I enjoy a good heaped spoonful!

The Nespresso machine and coffee has converted me and now I need to hold myself back from drinking cup after cup.  (Luckily it doesn't need as much sugar so I have cut it down to half a spoon per cup.

Anyway, this post is definitely not about my love for my new coffee machine, it's about the pods which are normally thrown away.

I'm not sure if you are familiar with the Nespresso pods, but they are colored depending on their flavor.  They have beautiful colors and it seemed like such a waste to throw them away.  So I opened them up, and cleaned them out and was left with a little shell.  Some had little dents but I used my thumb to smooth them out.

Megan was quite intrigued so I put them all in a box and we did a few little activities with them.

She first sorted them according to color.  This was her idea.  The pods fit perfectly on top of one another to form a tower.

She then ordered the towers from tallest to shortest.  (Lol, you can see which are our favorite flavors.)

She was interested in how many were in each group so she 'packed out' each tower, starting from the shortest, and wrote down the number in each tower.

We had a lot of fun with these pods and my mind is spinning with what to do next.


  1. So simple, but so fun! I recently read that those pods aren't recyclable so that's a great way to repurpose them :)


  2. That is interesting - that they are not recyclable. One would think that they would be.

    We did have a lot of fun with them. Now that I have started using them, the possibilities are endless - well, maybe not endless :)


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