Monday, 17 August 2015

Summer Link Up - My Guilty Pleasure

Oh no!  Miss Monica from I Heart Grade 3 got us all involved in this Summer link Up and once she has our trust, she lays this topic on us: My Guilty Pleasure ;)

Lol, I was hoping it would stay a secret, just between me and my four walls (and every friend I've gone for coffee with)!  My guilty pleasure is ...

 CAKE... Glorious  CAKE!!
(Is your mouth watering after all those delicious treats?)

Well, actually, any baked goods or pies or doughnuts will do :)

Fruit cake! Vanilla Cake! Chocolate cake!  Apple pie!  Pavlova! Cheese Cake!!! All equally yummy!

The delicious images above are from Chelsea Winter's website.  She won a New Zealand Masterchef a few years back and although I don't live in New Zealand I found the ingredient availability similar to what we have here.  The ingredients are also simple and easy to find in the store - meaning, I find myself indulging in one of her recipes too fairly often.

I can't wait to read about all the Guilty Pleasures in this Link Up - maybe I won't feel as ashamed of myself for all the yumminess I enjoy so very much!  Thanks for the GREAT link up Monica :)


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