Monday, 3 August 2015

Summer Link Up : A Random Act of Kindness

What a lovely topic this week:  A Random Act of Kindness.  This topic comes from a link up hosted by Monica from I Heart Grade 3 and has been going on throughout the summer.

As I'm sure you are all aware, in South Africa we have a problem with poverty.  It is also winter here at the moment (ironic seeing that this is a Summer Link up).  It might not get as cold as in many of your home towns, but when the minimum temperature is 2 Degrees Celsius then that is rather cold when you don't have a proper house with any form of insulation.

Irrespective of the season, when my children outgrow their clothes, I like to clear out and give away.  We have many shops where donations of clothing can be dropped off but I feel if I see someone on the side of the road, obviously lacking in the basic needs, I like to see how I can help whether it be with food or clothing.

In the past, I have sorted little packages and kept them in my car so that when I pass someone with a child nearing the age of the clothing, I can just stop and hand it over.  (I do this with my clothes as well).

Last week, I spotted a woman with a 14 month old baby boy on her back selling wood on the side of the road.  It was freezing and there she was, with her son.  Her son is the perfect age to get Adam's hand-me-downs.  So I went home, packed up the lot and according to the woman, she will be selling on that spot on Wednesday again.  The packages have been loaded into my car and will be offloaded then.

This woman also told me she lives on a farm with a little community, so no doubt the clothing will get circulated among them.

This might be something small but to that woman it is one less thing which she needs to purchase for her son.  That money can now go towards food or other basic needs.

Head over to I Heart Grade 3 to read about the other Acts of Kindness - either given or received - by fellow bloggers by clicking on the image below.

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I'm off to go do some shopping at the TpT Side Wide Sale.  You may want to pop by my store and see what I have to offer.

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