Monday, 14 September 2015

A FREE Week of wordy Wisdom - Week 8

Last week I bundled the seven first weeks of A Week of Wordy wisdom together to offer to you at a reduced price.  I thought it only fitting to create the next week and offer it as a FREEBIE.  You can download it at the end of this post.  Be sure to read through and download the other activities and worksheets which fit in with Week 8 of A Week of Wordy Wisdom.

I love the idea of children acknowledging what their dreams are.  When I ask my daughter, the answer can change from day to day but it means that she is thinking about what it is that she wants and how she can achieve it.

We made this Dream Catcher the other day and I though it would be perfect for this week's motivational quote.  I used the below template (that I got here) to show her how to thread the dream catcher so it was not only fun but involved following instructions and a pattern/method.

If you put little pegs at the bottom of the dream catcher, they can be used to peg up dreams and goals. The pegs offer an opportunity to interchange the dream as they are obtained.
For older students you may want something a little more challenging and therefore rewarding.  This website offers a lovely tutorial on how to make 'real' dream catchers.  Students will love using their new acquired skill.  I would suggest you watch the video and then show your students how to do it.

Lol, this cartoon made me smile, although kind of defeats the point of working together to get the job done :).  By clicking on the image you will be taken to a YouTube video where the artist draws the cartoon from scratch.  It would be a good conversation starter as there would be students who have chores at home and how do they feel about it?

This next video is a perfect example of how a number of people worked together to achieve a goal.  The video is not in English and there is not much talking so sound is not even necessary when watching it.

My spelling website for this week is  I especially love this Spiderman game.  It is serious addictive (I think I said that about last week's game, but I really couldn't stop!).  The game gives you a set of letter and then the player needs to make as many words using the letters as possible.  Each time the letter is used and a word is formed, the same letters appear to be used to form different words.  

The 'bonus' round involves filling in the missing letter of the word to complete it.

You can also download the weekly FREE word searches to go with the K - 2 Word for Wednesday here. 

We always end the week with a silly joke.  With this joke, you may wish to discuss the differences between moths and butterflies.  These rules have exceptions but provide a guideline to what makes them different:

  • Moths are active at night whereas butterflies are active during the day.
  • Moths and butterflies hold their wings differently.  Moths either lay their wings flat along their backs or spread out to the sides.  Butterflies tend to hold their wings upright, next to each other on their backs.
  • Moth bodies are often hairier and plumper than a butterfly.
  • Usually butterflies have brighter colored wings.
  • The antennae of a butterfly is often long and thin with a club shape at the end of it, whereas a moth tends to have thicker, more feathery looking antennae.
Well that is this week's version of A Week of Wordy Wisdom.  Head to my store to download this week for FREE.  If you find it useful for your class, you may want to purchase the individual weeks or the bundle at a reduced price.

Enter the Giveaway below to stand a chance of winning A Week of Wordy Wisdom Bundle.

Download the FREE Week 8 by clicking on the image below:


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  3. Hoping to win this amazing looking set, what a great and fun idea!

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