Friday, 4 September 2015

A Week of Wordy Wisdom - Week 7

Week 7 is a bit late due to the party preparations that have been going on in my household,  It was my son's second birthday and I became totally wrapped up in it.  That was on Saturday, so I am back to my normal routine and am able to blog again.

So here we go...

Students are so easily affected by others.  Negative feedback and influences and dampen a child's self esteem and result in negative self thoughts.  Today's quote aims to encourage students find their sparkle and to not let others negatively influence them.

Use this worksheet in conjunction with the quote, where students are encouraged to identify what makes them 'sparkle'.  Download them here.

 Children are often totally oblivious to the value of money.  They expect their parents to dig deep every time they want something.  It is a difficult concept for them, especially if they are not 'earning' any money.  They think it is always readily available - don't I wish.

This proverb focuses on the important things in life being free.  Let students brainstorm fun activities that are free.  You will probably notice that these activities that they come up with are ones with loved ones.

This website has a useful list of ideas for FREE activities to suggest to your students.

Are you looking for some extra spelling games?  I am loving this website.  There are a variety of spelling games.  My favorite is the Letter Blocks game.  I got caught playing it and could not stop.  What is great about this game is it does not matter what the reading level of the child, they can still play because they search for words of their ability.

You need to build words by linking letters that are toughing one another.  Once those tletters have been used, they disappear and extra letters get added at intervals. There are more than enough sight word options to keep first and second graders enthusiastic but then the combinations can also reveal more challenging words for students looking for them.  Give it a go, you might get hooked :)

Grab your free word searches to correspond with this week's word of the day for K - 2 by clicking on the image below:

 The fact for this week will result in students wanting to try it out.  Give them an opportunity to do so and discuss what it making the fact true.  You do not need any resources for this and it will result in a lot of giggles.  Anticipate students doing it randomly on the playground with their friends. :)

This joke is more of a riddle.  You may want to read the riddle to the students first and give them an opportunity to ponder the answer before revealing it to them.

If you find these activities interesting and are wanting to purchase the set of posters which goes along with them, please visit my TpT store by clicking on the image below.

This marks the first seven weeks of the year of A Week of Wordy Wisdom.  I have bundled the first seven weeks together and am offering them at a reduced price in my store.  Each week has a link back to my blog to the appropriate week of information and activities to correspond with the posters for that week.

Download the preview to get an idea of what Week 1 is all about.  Purchase it here.

You can also grab Week 8 for FREE by clicking HERE.

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