Monday, 7 September 2015

So Easy, No Cook Play Dough

I make a lot of play dough for my children.  I prefer the home made version because you can make it in your choice of color and a lot of it.  The little store bought tubs just don't give me the quantity that I want (unless I buy a basket load at a hefty price).

I always use a cooked recipe which is quick and easy but I often leave the situation with burnt hands from kneading in the coloring.

Last night I posted a question in one of the Facebook groups which I belong to, asking if there was a way to add coloring to the water or flour before cooking to avoid burnt hands and a colored wooden spoon.  (After posting the question, I did have a brainwave - that I should leave the cooked play dough to cool before mixing in the color - easy enough.)

Anyway, one of the group's members gave me a recipe for a non-cook play dough.  I was skeptical as I love my recipe and the dough that is formed.  It is soft and lasts a long time.

But, I decided that I would attempt it and see if it is great,

Well, let me tell you!  I have been converted from a play dough cooker to a play dough mixer.

It was so quick and easy!  I mixed it up in 5 minutes - if that much!

My friend was happy for me to share the recipe here with a few of my own alterations.  I felt it needed a bit more flour, food coloring to give it a child friendly color and some vanilla essence for some scent.  Here is my version of the recipe:

I am actually still waiting to see what is wrong with it.  Maybe it will become a solid rock or moldy or smelly.  I'll let you know if I have a negative experience.  And please, let me know how your batch turns out.

But for now, this is my new and only way!

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