Friday, 1 January 2016

Fine Motor Development: Threading

Adam is a busy little boy and jumps from one activity to the next in a matter of minutes!

I am constantly needing to find new activities for him to play with and keep him occupied.  He loves fine motor activities but prefers for them to be varied as he gets tired of the same thing fairly quickly.

After scratching in my teaching aids, I found a box of forgotten bottle tops.  I had painted them and used them as counters in my classroom.

I had am idea!

I called on my husband to drill holes in all the yellow ones.  This gave the threading activity I had in mind a 'one up' on the traditional threading beads.  Adam now had to sort the colors and remember that only the yellow bottle tops could be threaded onto the string.  He caught on quickly and enjoyed looking for the yellow bottle tops (and the sound the bottle tops made when knocked against each other) and in turn, threading them. This activity also worked on developing his visual foreground/background perceptual skills.

The holes in the tops were also not very big so it required some careful positioning to get the string through the hole.

Great, now to move onto the next 'new' activity and hide this one for the next week or two :)

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