Saturday, 20 February 2016

Mixing Collective Nouns and Multiplication Facts...Huh?

Are Multiplication Facts getting the better of you?

When I was in the classroom, I would see the stress in my students' eyes when they needed to solve a multiplication fact without assistance.  Some children just get it and others need a lot of practice.

This fun little multiplication puzzle will make multiplication facts a little less daunting, and students are rewarded by completing the puzzle to reveal a collective noun for a group of animals.

You are probably thinking..."What kind of a reward is that?"

From past experience, when students learn new vocabulary that goes with everyday things, that not everyone might know, and it is discovered informally, they thrive on it.  Students will love discovering the quirky (if I can call it that) collective nouns which their parents will probably not even know.  How my daughter loves to come home and 'teach' me something which she thinks I don't already know!

The collective nouns are not difficult but provide them with a 'step up' from their peers and family members and they will enjoy sharing their new found knowledge.

Should you wish to purchase this set of 4 worksheets with memorandums, follow THIS link for the American version and THIS link for the UK version.

Monday, 8 February 2016

FREE Valentine's Day Card

I can't believe it is nearly Valentine's Day!

My husband and I don't spend money on each other on Valentine's Day.  We are fairly fortunate in that my parents live fairly close to us and we are given many opportunities to spend quality time with each other throughout the year.  It is for this reason that we don't see the need to do something on Valentine's Day when everyone else is.

I do, however, spend this time with Megan, identifying our loved ones and the qualities they possess that makes us know we are loved by them.  (Not that this is the only time we do this ;) )

Megan is old enough now to appreciate these qualities and identify them.

She worked with me to create this card for her teacher.  She identified the qualities which lets her know that she is loved by her teacher.  I had to help her with some of the vocabulary, but her descriptions made it easy for me to know which quality she was referring to.

I then typed it up for her and she cut out the hearts and then reassembled them to make a two-tone heart on the card.  We went with pink and red to go with the Valentine's Day theme, but you might want to choose a different color scheme.

I also included a blank heart if you would prefer your students/children to think  of their own qualities.  Megan also struggled to assemble the heart on her own - it was fairly tricky once all the pieces were cut up, so I printed a page with the puzzle pieces marked on the card to make it easier to build the puzzle for her.  This is also included in the set.

You can download the card here for FREE if you would like to do it with your students or children.

I hope you can make use of it and have as much fun as we did.
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