Friday, 11 March 2016

Springing into Learning Blog Hop

Spring is upon us and I have joined with Kim from Elementary Antics as well as a few other bloggers to bring you some wonderful FREE Spring products and ideas.

I just love Spring and my children love it even more!  We spend a lot of time outside and Spring opens many doors for discovery!

I have been working on blending sounds with Megan and we have been looking at CVC words.  I decided to focus my tip and free item around CVC as that is where we are at the moment, and what we are doing.

My tip would be to use the outdoors for as much of an activity as possible.  Students are exposed to so many different sensations when they are outside compared to what they are exposed to on a day to day classroom situation.

For this activity, we collected leaves from the garden.  I informed Megan that we would be writing on them, so they needed to be fairly light in color.  We then lay on the trampoline and drew a tree and colored it in.  Can you see the different texture that the trampoline offered our drawing?  Both Megan and Adam loved the pattern that came through.

We then discussed words that rhymed with mat and I wrote each word on a leaf.  Once we had exhausted our options, Megan then had an opportunity of writing the words onto her leaves.  This offered a different texture again.

The leaves were then pasted onto the tree we drew to create an -at tree.

A whole lot of 'Springy' sensations and simulations were experienced.

We are working on fluency and word recognition and for this, I used the following activity:  "Froggie Leap Pads".  I laid out the 'pond' on my dining room table and scattered the lily pads on it.

Megan then used a stuffed animal frog (which was actually my first key chain to my first car! - why I selected a stuffed frog, I will never know) to jump from one lily pad to the next, reading the words as she went.  She could determine her pace, but the competitive streak in her kicked in and she aimed to go faster each time.

Adam also had a wonderful time 'ribbeting' as the frog landed on each lily pad :) )  Here is his little hand reaching in to 'point' to the next lily pad.

You can download these lily pads by clicking HERE.

You can also get the full CVC All Short Vowel Sounds by clicking on the image below.

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