Sunday, 15 May 2016

CVC Fun!

Wow, this post has taken me nearly nine months to publish!  It has been sitting waiting, and waiting and now finally, it can be published  (can I admit at this point that I forgot all about it?)

For Adam's second birthday, I included little color puzzles in the party packs for all the two year old friends.

Knowing that Megan would be there as well as some siblings ranging between the ages of 4 and 5, another option needed to be considered for them as the color puzzles were way too easy for them.

This Short A Flip Booklet has been a great hit for Megan.  She has been working with it sounding out the words, reading them and then searching for the image to go with it with enthusiasm.

I used a ring to bind them together and placed sticky velcro on the backs of the images as well as the word cards.  This made it easy for Megan to attach the pictures next to the words. It also ensured that pieces would not go missing one they were all in the 'book'.

In the meantime I made the other Short Vowel booklets and we are working on those now.  I also made some worksheets to go along with the booklets to use as reinforcement.  As you can see, they involve cutting the pictures out at the bottom and sorting out the sounds needed, then pasting them in the correct spot and writing the words.

Here you can see an example of one of the worksheets:

Click here to view this activity in my store or here to see my other CVC activities.

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