Friday, 27 May 2016

Using Dot-to-Dot to enhance Creativity!

How often has your child/student been able to identify the dot-to-dot pattern on a page before actually connecting the dots?  This activity is great for fine motor but so not great for developing creativity!

My version of dot-to-dot can be used with children right up to 6th grade and helps them to tap into their creative side.  What’s nice about this activity too, is that students are limited in their drawings by the position of the dots, so no one can complain that they are ‘not good at drawing’ as everyone is at the same 'disadvantage.' 

This activity is not about being able to draw.  It is about being able to group the dots in such a way that they resemble something.

Try giving each student a page covered in random dots (you can make one version and then photocopy it).

Then group your students and give each group a category or topic.  For example, transport, garden, space, sports, sweet treats etc.  Students then work individually to connect the dots to create a picture of their given category.  Allow them to plan their picture with a pencil first:

Then they fill in the picture with color and some extra details:

Happy creating :)

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