Wednesday, 29 June 2016

10 Summer Fun Activities for the Kids

I love summer...the beach, the sun , the kids! I have been sifting through Pinterest to try and find some activities for my children to do during the vacation.  I have a 2-year old and a 6-year old and wanted to find activities appropriate for both of them to do together.

I have compiled this list as a go to and hope to get through the list during the vacation.  You can always check back to see how it went and how far we got.

1.  Sandy Footprints on the beach:  I found this image on Pinterest and think it will be a special keepsake activity with their little feet printed on the 'beach'.  There was no source attached to the picture so if you know who it belongs to, please let me know so that I can reference it.

2.  Make a milk jug feeder:  There is nothing better than a garden filled with singing birds.  Lure them to your garden with some home made milk jug bird feeders.  You can get an in-depth description on how to make one similar to the one below here.

3.  Play a game of Sponge Bullseye:  You can incorporate educational information as well by asking your children to add their scores(6 - year old, I'll make the numbers more applicable for her ability) or identify the color they landed on (2-year old).  See how to make one here.

4.  Do a Garden Scavenger hunt:  Children love pottering in the garden, now they have a reason to search for goodies.  Read about it here (there is also a FREE printable to go with it).

5.  Practice writing words:  This can be their name if they need practice with that or a new sight word.  can choose and then let them use what they find in the garden to create the word.  You can do a light outline for them to follow if need be.  That is what I will do with my son.

6.  What Melts in the Sun?  Do a simple science experiment with your children focusing on what melts in the sun.  Let your children predict what is going to happen.  Get some ideas on what to use here.

7.  Make a Dream catcher.  We have done this and it was a lovely fine motor activity for my son and my daughter loved the idea of it catching all the bad dreams.  Here are the instructions.

8.  Excavate the toys!  This is the perfect activity for a hot day!  freeze your children's toys in a big block of ice and they need to get them out.  I probably will not do this with my 2-year old as we might lose some fingers and/or toes but it will be such fun for my daughter when he takes a nap.   The post does show how the writer's sons got to their toys without sharp objects and it was a great problem solving activity. Check it out here.

9.  Who doesn't love blowing bubbles?  Well my dogs love it the most - well catching them that is.  Have a look here how to make giant bubbles. The perfect summer fun!

10.  Ok and the final one is a boredom jar.  I came across this one and I loved the ideas and the washi tape.  

I can't take the words... "I'm bored"  especially when I walk into the playroom and everything is gathering dust.  Maybe my children are too reliant on me to do activities with them.  Dsespite all the fun activities listed here, I think I need to squeeze in some "Keep yourself busy time" too.

I hope you enjoyed this and got some ideas for the summer break.  Let me know if you try any of them and how it went.  Pop back to see how we did with the list.

Sunday, 26 June 2016

It's All About Shark Week!

You are not going to believe this...but, this is the first time I hear about Shark week!  Fortunately I joined Jenny from Luckeyfrog's Lilypad for this wonderful Blog Hop, all in aim of Shark Week.

Grab a cup of coffee and relax, while moving from one Blog to the next learning about this fascinating creature and grabbing some wonderful FREE activities while you are at it. 

I chose to focus on the Whale Shark in my product for you. We quite enjoy watching nature shows at home and I love it when I spot a Whale Shark.  They are such docile, majestic creatures.   Below you can see the size comparison of a Whale Shark and an average person.

By Matt Martyniuk - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

While doing some research for this activity, I discovered that the first documented Whale Shark was done off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa - my home country.  I think this made me slightly more biased to these beautiful creatures and made me want to learn some more.

The activity which I have prepared for you is a "Let's Listen for Nouns"  activity.  It is a listening piece which gets read out and students need to record all the nouns they hear.  You can access it by clicking on the image below:

Hop over to The Tattooed Teacher for the next Freebie.  Be sure not to miss out on any of the activities available.

Happy Hopping :)

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Play Dough is Perfect to Practice Math Facts!

Today we mixed up a batch of play dough, well actually two!  (There's nothing more relaxing than playing with play dough!) I used my No-Cook Recipe and it went super quick and lasts for a good few months if stored in an air-tight container - although we use it a lot and I like to make fresh fairly often!  Each child could choose a color for their play dough and by looking at the pictures, can you guess who chose what?

With two balls of nice fresh play dough (which had not been mixed together yet) I thought it the perfect time to do some Math :)

We have a set of number play dough cutters and they work perfectly to develop fine motor skills as well.  Megan's fingers needed to work gently and meticulously to 'free' the number from the cutter.  This was great for her concentration and fine motor as she sat and worked at creating 'perfect' numbers.

We used different colors for the numbers and the mathematical signs and symbols.  Here she could differentiate the two and identify which goes in which category.

We had a lot of fun creating equations and identifying different number combination.

What was extra handy, was when Megan struggled with a sum, she could use little play dough balls to solve her problem.

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