Thursday, 7 July 2016

DIY Puzzles

Adam is loving puzzles at the moment!  Once he starts, he wants to build all our age appropriate puzzles and even digs into Megan's box, which is not a good idea yet as her pieces are tiny and she would not be happy if he manages to lose a piece or two.

In the past I had spotted these great paint color sample cards at my local DIY store.  They are not the normal multi-colored ones but rather a larger rectangle of the solid color.  I have always kept these in mind for projects as they come in loads of different colors and they are free!

I knew that this project would be perfect for those little cards, so I pooped down to the store to grab a few (or maybe a lot :) ) - I must admit, I felt a slight stitch of guilt selecting my color cards knowing I would not be doing any painting - oh well, it didn't last long ;)

On each card I drew a picture with my limited skill, but fortunately my children don't notice where I think my skills are lacking - aren't they wonderful!

Once the pictures had been drawn, I cut them up into various sizes and shapes.  The nice thing about this is you can make it as challenging as you wish.  I started by cutting each puzzle into four pieces, but once my son gets the hang of it, I can cut them again so that there are eight pieces.  He will then be familiar with the picture of the puzzle but it will be more challenging to put it together.

The different colors also help with color recognition and sorting.

If you can't get these paint samples in your home town, you may just want to use ordinary card stock - which can give you a bigger image if you would like.

I placed a small ball of sticky putty under each of the pieces to help to hold them in place while building the puzzles.  They tend to move around quite a bit.

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