Thursday, 22 September 2016

QR Code Possibilities are Endless

I loved using QR codes in my classroom and to this day, wish I had discovered it earlier.  As a result, I am going out of my way to introduce them to other teachers so that they can identify with the potential that they offer the classroom environment.

I have compiled a few 'How to..." videos for you to watch if you are nervous about taking the leap into the QR code world (believe me, once you start you too are going to wish you did it earlier).

The first video is a TedEd video.  Karen Mensing is a teacher and she gives you practical ideas on how to use QR codes and the results it had with her students.  If this doesn't get you hooked...

Right, you're hooked!  Now what?  The next video is from Instructions 101, and here you are given a variety of websites that you can use to create your QR codes for FREE.  I always use but there are others which work just as well.

Hehe, and while searching for appropriate QR code videos for you, I did come across this one... "The Problem with QR codes."  It made me giggle because I have often been in these situations, and just reminds us all to think about how we use technology.  just because we have access to it, does not mean that it is appropriate in every situation :)

I hope you found this post useful and will dive straight into QR codes when you go back to school.

You can also get some ideas here on how I used QR codes in the classroom and a FREEBIE that will make organizing group work fun!

Here are also a few QR code board games which I created.  they will add a different twist to practicing what was learned:

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