Thursday, 11 January 2018

Learning the Alphabet with Digital Task Cards

With my daughter starting to read, my son has become more and more interested in learning the alphabet and heading in her direction.

You may have heard about Boom Learning™.  It is a platform for Digital Task Cards.  You can read about it here.  I decided to create a set of Alphabet cards for my son to play around with.

They have worked really well!  The variety of activities included in the deck has kept him engaged and encouraged him to complete the deck.  The different activities required him to select, move and type in answers.  The repetition of the sound and letter built his confidence with each card.

Each deck includes the following activities:

  •   Finding the picture that starts with the letter
  •   Matching Upper and Lower Case letters
  •   Finding Upper and Lower Case letters
  •   Finding pictures beginning with the letter
  •   Sorting pictures according to their beginning sounds
  •   Building a 6 piece puzzle of the letter and corresponding letter.
  •   Completing words by typing in the letter.
You can try out Letter C for FREE here.

And view the bundle here.

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