Friday, 25 May 2018

A Beginning of a New Chapter

This year has been crazy!  I can't believe it is nearly June.

The reason why I have been so busy is that at the beginning of the year I took on a new adventure.  After being out of the classroom for just over 4 years I decided to leap right back in into a totally different kind of post.

The taught of going back to work has been on my mind for a while and although I think I had probably forgotten why I stopped in the first place (there was not time in the the day for my own children after all the prep, sport coaching and grading) I still kept my eyes open for the 'perfect post!'

Then one day I saw it advertised on Facebook - of all places!  I emailed the employer, went for an interview and got the job - yippee!

So you might be wondering what exactly it is that I committed my self to...  I am a facilitator to a first grader.  He struggles with concentration, dyspraxia and had been assessed and found to be highly functioning autistic.

And so it has been five months and we are loving working together.
This opportunity has given me a chance to use my special needs training and think out of the box when assisting with all forms of learning.

Many of my posts to come will be focusing on our journey together.  Watch this space!

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