Sunday, 24 June 2018

Hands on CVC words!

We have been working on CVC words focusing on those with an |o| as a vowel.

I have a fun Spelling game which we I bring out when a new sound is being introduced.  It is nice because it covers all the vowel sounds in CVC words but in a simplified way.  This means that Matthew can sound out the words using the picture prompt and not have to focus too much on the word, but the consonants are there to guide him. Each card contains one, maybe two of each vowel sound to that by the time that particular sound is covered, it is already familiar.

Matthew's teacher works a lot with worksheets and printables so I try to bring in the 'game'/ concrete side of teaching.

We used little picture cards (these are from my CVC Bingo set) but any appropriate pictures will do, to determine the CVC words and then build them with letter tiles.  The dyspraxia makes writing words more challenging so I find building the words helps me to determine whether or not he is able to recognise the sounds in the words and be able to blend them into a word.

We also used my CVC Bingo Boards but not as a Bingo game.  Instead, we turned all the pictures (with the words on them) upside down and took turns to choose a picture, turn it over and then each find the word on our card.  There are a few varieties to the game, like picking up word cards and matching to the picture, but I thought matching word and picture to words would be best for us at this point.

Matthew likes to complete a task and would struggle to understand why the game comes to an end when a player gets four in a row.  So, we played until both of our boards were complete and not with the usual Bingo rules.  Each Bingo board contains all 16 of the CVC words covered in the product so that meant we finished at the same time, which was also nice because he does not like to lose ;)

Sensory options are always a treat for him so we used kinetic sand after having a good play, formed the words with recycled bottle tops with foam letters.

I would love to hear about some of your ideas to teach Hands on CVC words.  Leave me a note in the comments with what has worked well for you.


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